What Are The Types Of PVC Steering Wheel Cover?

  For different types of vehicles, in addition to pay attention to the size of the PVC steering wheel cover with the steering wheel appropriate, different styles of models to be equipped with different styles of PVC steering wheel cover.

  Cute type

  The design is not only novel, but also does not affect the convenience and comfort of its use. This type of PVC steering wheel cover often also has a series of related patterns of matching products (such as hand-block hoods, rearview mirror sets, etc.), can make the car environment lively, stylish, applicable to female motorists.


  The main characteristics of the body now material, generally leather as the main material. The cortex of the "trap" relatively strong and durable, in addition to the tunnel of the cortex, but also the body is now its suture process, fine and defective in the needle in the needle can see clues. Apply to high-end people.

  Sports type

  Characterized by bright colors, color blocks and color contrast strong, highlighting a movement of passion. The PVC steering wheel cover often has a small bump on the surface to increase skid resistance. Suitable for beginners.

  Now there are a variety of traps. It really takes time to buy. Price also depending on the material texture and origin of the difference. After you know the type of car PVC steering wheel sets, you can use the actual situation and hobbies according to their own, choose to meet their own use and like the type, for their car to buy a satisfactory car PVC steering wheel cover. Online mall PVC Steering wheel Cover is also a wide variety, if the choice of online shopping, the best to go to the regular website, but also to buy quality products, PVC steering wheel cover is small, but has not negligible role, related to their own safety. A good site has Jingdong Mall, Dangdang and Qi Qi Network, which is the first two large-scale comprehensive shopping malls, and Qi Qi Network is currently the largest and most professional automotive supplies online mall, only focus on automotive supplies, car friends can go to see.