Plush Steering Wheel Cover

Many car owners choose to put on a lavish fur steering wheel cover in winter, especially for female owners. Because the steering wheel will freeze a little stiff, and the furry steering wheel cover is warm. The steering wheel cover made by pure wool, and it is not only warm but also looks good. After installing steering wheel cover, hands are not cold, but feels not used when reversing direction, a bit slippery, seemed to struggle than ever before.

There are also some disadvantages.

With plush steering wheel cover reduces friction between the hand and the steering wheel, if you encounter unexpected situations, turning, turning the action needs to be done, this wheel would be more slippery, easy to lose control, especially for the smaller woman, too thick steering wheel cover is more appropriate, since it would create the steering wheel too thick, hold not affect traffic safety. In addition, this would weaken motorists feel of the steering wheel, there are certain security risks.