How To Modify Steering Wheel?

Simplest is directly installed steering wheel cover, do not understand any part of the vehicle itself, make steering wheels look good. And difficult is the steering wheel replace entire sports steering wheel. We opened with a look at the following two installation methods and points for attention.

Install steering wheel cover

Install steering wheel covers are made of a lot of variety there can choose according to their own preferences. Note that the thickness must be selected, if put on hold after feeling too coarse or too fine effect are manipulating feelings. Owners also need to pay attention, if it is too loose, steering is likely to slip. Affect their safety.

Sport steering wheel

Now there are many in the market to sell sports steering wheel. But owners should be noted if adapted sports steering wheel car can have many negative effects, such as struggle, the airbag cannot be installed. Modifications must be some effects of the above factors into consideration. If the car has airbags, sport steering wheel is not recommended. After all, safety is the most important.