Hand Sewing Steering Wheel Cover

Hand sewing steering wheel cover has both advantages and disadvantages, and are some analysis.

As for advantages, the first one is that, there is no apron, drivers can not afraid of plastic hardening and cracking, feeling as much as the finished wheel sets. The second is more fitting the steering wheel, hand-sewn at actual size, not afraid of driving my car steering wheel cover large fit when sliding. Third, the suture can be DIY, like how to sew the stitch patterns, like the color matching of line can be to get their way. Four, it is not only the steering wheel from wear, and add texture and friction, prevent skidding hand sweating, and enhanced responsiveness and safety in cars, could also play a role in reducing shock.

As for disadvantages, hand sewing steering wheel cover is easy to handle, removable and washable also in trouble. And sewing needs certain skills, many threads during the sewing process problems also affect the drivers.

Drivers can choose according to their own condition.