Genuine Leather Steering Wheel Cover

Product Detail

1. PU steering wheel cover.

2. Fashion combination.

3. Fashion stitching design steering wheel cover

4. Environmental protection material

5. Good quality and reasonable price.

6. Comfortable feel.                                            

7. Medium size:38-39cm

8. Small size:36.5-37.9cm

9. Inner core size:8.2cm, 9.0cm, 9.5cm, 10cm

10. Material: PU.

11. Inner core material: TPE.

12. We can produce according to your demand.

Basic Info

  • Type:Car Seat Cover

  • Bumper Position:W

  • Material:PVC

  • Universal Size:11PCS/Set

Product Description

Size S: 35-36CM, M: 37-38CM, L: 39-40CM
Color:Grey, beige and black in common use, other colors also acceptable
Type:Punching, double stitching, diamond stitching
Style:Finished edges, tailored corners, color- matched thread
Design:Smooth design, Perforated design, Ribbed Design, Wrinkle design