The skill of the correct usage of steering wheel cover

Steering wheel cover has many advantages. It can not only control the direction of the vehicle, but can also identify and ensure public safety, the first step is to learn how to use the steering wheel, how to properly use the steering wheel cover.

First, the body after boarding on the steering wheel and upright, back on the light on the back seat, at this point, the height can be adjusted to fit seat, fastened according to stipulations.

Second, eyes up front, above the left hand lightly grip the steering wheel left (van clocks 910), upper left corner light right hand grip on the steering wheel (goods vehicles according to clock 34 points) and hands relaxed down at this time, the left hand and right thumb should be naturally straight on to the upper part of the steering wheel rim, the other four fingers should be outside in a light grip.

Third, the left foot on the clutch pedal under the right foot care in the accelerator pedal 2/3, in short, his body relaxed, comfortable sitting on the seat, natural, motor coordination and flexible.